We are Legions Empire MC (LEMC for short) and we have been running high quality, well managed, community driven minecraft servers for many years now.

Our current server is play.lemc.eu running the latest FTB Presents CrackPack.

Brief History

Legions Empire MC Started under a different name, The Diamondz. We had a small server running Tekkit (now known as Tekkit Classic) and we only had a handful of people that would play on the server daily.

As the years went on we have hosted a huge variety of modpack servers, ranging from YogsCraft to Big Dig, to Resonant Rise 3, all were great servers, but the problem with running a modpack server is new packs come out and the old ones get "outdated".

That's why we are here today, providing a decent server thats running the latest FTB Presents Crackpack modpack but with serverside plugins to enhance the players' experience...